Organizations have many needs that are not addressed by available commercial software packages. They depend on software to run numerous components of their operation.

Despite the many commercial applications available, businesses find that these do not

fully address their needs because:


  • The package may only partially solve the need while focusing on requirements that do not exist.
  • Reporting may be inflexible or unnecessarily complex.
  • The package cannot interface with other in-house systems.
  • There may not be an application to meet the need.
  • Cost may be prohibitive due to excess or unwanted features, or it may be within budget but not contain the features desired.


A Vibrance custom software package allows

a business to:


  • Have software that works well with their operations and will not require adjusting their business processes to fit the software’s model.
  • Vibrance custom software is dynamic  and can be adapted to the changing needs and requirements of the organization.